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Cartier replica, extremely popular for its purported “puzzle tickers,” recently has been exchanging that innovation to wristwatches. The Rotonde de Cartier Astromystérieux, presented at the current year’s SIHH, is Cartier’s third “riddle” wristwatch, after the Mysterious Hour and Mysterious Double Tourbillon. In this one, focal hour and minutes hands have all the earmarks of being gliding in a 25.7-mm space in the focal point of the watch, while turning around the dial. Coasting with them are the escapement, parity wheel, gear prepare and barrel, orchestrated along a focal pivot.


Cartier Rotonde de Cartier replica watches

The spinning escapement makes the Astromystérieux an exceptionally whimsical tourbillon. Cartier calls it “a noteworthy and quick new elucidation of the tourbillon.” The “strange” part of the watch comprises of four stacked sapphire plates, all made in-house: a hour circle, a tourbillon circle, a winding circle and an altered plate. In customary tourbillons, the escapement and equalization wheel are in an enclosure, which pivots to balance the impacts of gravity on the development. Here the pivoting circles supplant the pen. A sapphire plate with a huge breadth serves as the lower span, together with two upper scaffolds, one holding the parity haggle other the escapement, gear prepare, and barrel. The watch utilizes the same standard as Cartier secret tickers do: in a riddle clock, the hands are not connected specifically to the development but rather to the plates. The plates are fitted with serrated metal edges and are turned by the development. On account of tickers, the development is covered up at the base of the clock; in watches, the development’s segments are collected around the four circles at the edge of the dial. The hour plate is connected to the tourbillon circle, which finishes one pivot for each hour.


The new hand-wound development (Caliber 9462 MC) is made in-house and comprises of 408 sections, including 188 metal balls. It has a force store of around 50 hours. Cartier has enlisted licenses for the development’s winding framework, time-setting framework and brake lever framework.


The Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astromystérieux watch has a palladium case that is 43.5 mm. in measurement and 12 mm thick. The watch is a constrained version of 100 pieces. It costs $181,000.

Drive de Cartier replica watches

In January this year in Geneva Watch Fair, Cartier debut Drive de Cartier watches left me a deep impression. Drive de Cartier Series Cartier men’s watch a new series, this came to Geneva Watch Fair is the first time, although just arrived, but its elegant retro pincushion shape, but memorable.

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Drive de Cartier replica watches

Who watch the series to savor in the hands, in addition to its unique shape pillow-shaped case, you will also find another feature of this series, all of watch dials are decorated with a pattern car radiator grille Glyph 6 o’clock position with small seconds, table mirror convex bulge winding crown was bolt modeling, and inspired by the classic cars.
Of course, if you are on the watch decorated with the stringent requirements of this watch senior watch enthusiasts are still able to meet your requirements, satin polished side of the case in order to deal with the front and back after polishing retouching. Satin effect brought steady texture, while polishing the highlight delicate beauty. Simple and elegant lines of the overall case design, exudes a modern and elegant temperament, the perfect interpretation of the Cartier style.

Cartier other series of the same, Drive de Cartier series also has a rich eight watch selection case with Rose K gold or stainless steel build, with white and gray dial with the classic Cartier Roman numerals and sword-shaped hands .
Cartier and Olivia together again, launched a new micro-film “hand.” Beautiful screen, Olivia Promises his story and transformation – a leisurely manner, self determination eyes, leisurely charm and wear Drive de Cartier watches hands – this time Olivia, show that are pure and powerful force than ever before. “I push forward, will always be the heart of their own.” Olivia meaningful dialogue with himself, Drive de Cartier watch on your wrist, reveals the man keen Drive, independent, elegant style.

As Cartier presented to the love life of men masculine force, innovative design new Drive de Cartier watches subversive interpretation of the details of the art of living sentiment, self-confident and elegant, respected original mind, always seeking a better future and self . Precipitation years in showbiz Olivia, experience the uninhibited temperament seemingly free, but calm and reserved; whether it is from a couch, he has only to follow the inner drive, to consummate artistic achievement, and now with Drive de Cartier soon, can be described as a matter of course .

Brighter Summer Day Yang played under the lens, “Crouching Tiger” in the infatuation Luo Xiaohu, “the best time” in the Sansei III lover, “great master” in the boxer Sky and grandmaster “The Go Master “in this micro-film, Olivia finally be yourself, interpretation of a” Hand in Hand “story. Through a pair of hands, a person can see everything. A young man that “To be a good actor is not how to become their own, but think about how to become better people”: Sentimental played rebellious teenager, they took the knife, then tell reality or a movie, they sadness and anger trembling; play historical figures, they would pick up the historical biography, a page turned up, reading into it; to play it, learned a lot these hands, diving, chess, took a long time they also learned boxing and martial arts. However, with years of sharpening, maturing, with open arms, he finally realized that “Back to the heart, play is more important than others,” because only returned to himself, knows how to control the direction, force these hands have become more leisurely .

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Drive as the best interpretation of men, this micro-film portrayal of the mentality of both Olivia, it is a declaration: Drive de Cartier together with the inner strength to follow, take control of their life. “Only follow my drive, can only consummate artistic achievements.” Olivia said, “As I hand Drive de Cartier, remind me, only respect, follow your heart, the heart in order Yu.”
Drive de Cartier watches in five of eight and was starting in May, including a system equipped with advanced watchmaking 9452 MC-type floating tourbillon movement, was awarded the “Poinçon de Genève” (Geneva quality mark); Further Drive de Cartier watch is equipped with four 1904-PS MC-type movement, with the midnight show, small seconds and date display. Drive de Cartier watch series is bound to become another classic Cartier watches for men modeling.

Live Images from Cartier replica

On Day 1 at SIHH we went by Cartier and had an opportunity to get some snappy live shots of the new models, including the Astrocalendaire, the Earth and Moon tourbillon, the Night and Day, and the new Caliber de Cartier Diver. This post additionally incorporates connections to WatchTime’s prior posts on these models, which incorporate pictures gave via Cartier.

Cartier replica watches uk

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The new discharge that is creating the most buzz is the Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire never-ending timetable tourbillon. The timetable data is orchestrated in three concentric circles, each all alone level. The day is demonstrated on the deepest circle, trailed by the month on the inside and the date on the external circle. Little windows move around these showcases to demonstrate the present month, day and date, The tourbillon lives at the focal point of these presentations. A hand on the back of the watch shows the jump year. The development replaces the springs and levers regularly found in ceaseless date-book developments with apparatuses, wiping out the danger of breakage and permitting setting of all presentations by the crown. You can read increasingly and see complete specs here . The Astrocalendaire will be delivered in a constrained version of 100 pieces in platinum valued at 150,000 euros.

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The Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon highlights what Cartier calls a “mystery” moon show. The round tourbillon at 6 o’clock speaks to the circle of the moon. With the push of a catch, a blue circle covers as a great part of the tourbillon as expected to speak to the present moon stage. The presentation at 12 o’clock shows two time zones. See more pictures and particulars here. See our unique review of this piece on the page connected previously. The Earth and Moon will be created in a constrained release of 50 pieces in platinum with a lapis dial estimated at 200,000 euros.


As great as the initial two watches seem to be, the new watch that is creating the most buzz is Cartier’s new Caliber de Cartier Diver. The possibility of a jumpers’ watch from Cartier appears to astonish a few, yet the brand has created numerous energetic watches previously. The jumper holds Cartier’s configuration codes while offering genuine jumpers’ usefulness, as exhibited by its consistence with ISO 6425, the worldwide standard for jumpers’ watches. There are numerous jumpers’ watches available, however shockingly few really meet this standard. Guaranteed to 300 meters, the Superluminova dial is effortlessly perused submerged. The Caliber de Cartier Diver is offered in steel on an elastic strap at 5,550 euros. It’s likewise accessible in extremely pleasant looking two-tone and rose-gold varieties.

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The Rotonde de Cartier Day and Night is another outwardly striking new model for 2014. This watch offers a curiously large day/night or sun/moon show on the upper bit of the dial and a retrograde moon stage show on the lower part of the dial. See the complete specs underneath.

3 New Cartier Men’s replica watches

The sneak peaks of new extravagance watches appearing at the SIHH watch salon in Geneva this January keep on rolling in. Our “Watch Insider” Alexander Linz has as of now indicated you one of the new Cartier looks for men debuting at SIHH, the Cartier Caliber de Cartier Diver. Presently we uncover three all the more new men’s Cartier watches.


Rotonde de Cartier replica Astrocalendaire

The Astrocalendaire is one of Cartier’s “main event” pieces for SIHH 2014. It highlights a flying tourbillon encompassed by an exceptional never-ending schedule. The logbook is exhibited in three concentric round showcases, with the date on the peripheral ring, the month in the middle, and the day of the week within. A flying tourbillon lies at the focal point of these showcases. Every ring is a piece of an extension, and each is on an alternate level. The rings are stationary, and the day, date and month are shown by blue PVD rectangles that move around the rings. All showcases are set with the crown, aside from the date, which is rectified by means of a pusher. On account of a mind boggling program wheel with retractable teeth, the logbook can be put forth and back. An imaginative utilization of wheels as opposed to customary springs in the logbook system evacuates the likelihood of breaking the showcase through disgraceful setting. Housed in a 45 mm-x-15.1 mm platinum case, the development, Caliber 9459, bears the Poinçon de Genève.


The Astrocalendaire will be created in a restricted arrangement of 100 pieces, valued at about €150,000, or roughly $206,000, utilizing an immediate change at current rates.

New Cartier replica Men’s Collection

New Cartier replica Men’s Collection

Cartier drives home its famous configuration codes in the Drive de Cartier, its new formed men’s accumulation, presented for this present week at SIHH 2016 in Geneva. The pad formed instance of the Drive de Cartier is the most recent creation intended to reinvigorate the brand’s longstanding convention of molded watches. The accumulation has all the Cartier outline codes: guilloché inward dial, railroad section ring, Roman numerals, profoundly characterized extents and a component of fine watchmaking mechanics.

2790  2791

Beside the exquisite case shape, two remarkable elements put the Drive de Cartier absolutely in the classification of rich dress watches: the thin decreased profile, or galbe as the French call it, makes it resemble a ultra-thin watch, despite the fact that it is a genuinely standard 11.5 mm thick; and the example of the guilloché focus, which is particularly rehashed on the outside of the section ring, includes style. Drive is a full accumulation, with seven references, including two confusions. The Fine Watchmaking variant is a flying tourbillon, with the manual injury Caliber 9452, a Geneva Seal development. It is valued at $89,500 in rose gold. A little entanglement model, with expansive date and retrograde second time zone and day/night markers, contains Caliber 1904-PS MC. This one is especially propelled by vintage vehicles dashboards, and the guilloché is intended to take after a radiator grille.

2792  2793

In the standard programmed models, steel or rose gold are combined with either white or dark dials. The dim dial is stamped with gold numerals and is thusly evaluated somewhat higher on both steel and gold variants. Costs range from $6,200 in steel with a white dial to $19,600 in rose gold with a dim dial. They contain the programmed Caliber 1904 MC with hours, little seconds and little date.


Another new intricacy from Cartier’s Fine Watchmaking division is the Rotonde de Cartier Astromysterieux (underneath), with a whole development suspended between precious stones to make it show up as though it skims on air. While past “Puzzle” watches have suspended hands or an escapement between two precious stones, this new creation shows the whole development, Caliber 9462 MC. It works by utilizing four precious stones that house components of the development, including the parity, the rigging prepare, the escapement and the barrel. In this way, the whole development is on full view, where it finishes a full turn of the dial in 60 minutes. Cartier holds three licenses on the instrument. The Astromysterieux will be delivered in a restricted version of 100 numbered pieces in a 43.5 mm platinum case.

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