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Rolex replica watches jointly organized

June Shanghai, is scorching. I under the scorching sun, to the Bund No. 27 Roosevelt mansion. Roosevelt, of course, is not to pay tribute to President, but to participate in the 2015 new show in Basel. The exhibition by the watch house and Rolex jointly organized.

Online and in the journal, there are pictures and text of Rolex Basel new. However, graphics and text is one thing, in kind is one thing. As a watch lover, always want to see in kind, can be at ease.
This year the main push Rolex four series, calendar type, yacht Malibu, women’s log and oyster perpetual type. One of the most important, should be the calendar type. Phase compared to several other series in the design of the fine tuning and innovation on the strap, week calendar changes can be described as earth shaking. Not only watch diameter adjusted to 40 mm. Disk design is more elegant brilliant, the most eye-catching is. The series is equipped with a new and outstanding movement — 3255.

Powerful “inner core”, which represents Rolex’s unparalleled R & D strength. Strong “core”, on behalf of Rolex to break through the full confidence. The reason for this is because 3255 is not an improved version of the previous movement, but the brand to develop the heavy products, can be seen as a milestone in the upgrading of the movement.

At present, Rolex’s main movement 3135 was born in 1988, the movement quality is excellent, in order to be accurate and durable, is widely praised by the players. In fact, in a long period of time, it is also in continuous improvement, such as replacement gossamer and shock absorbers, Rolex has its own research and development of Parachrom blue gossamer and Paraflex shock absorber, instead of the early nivarox hairsprings and KIF shock absorbers. Change of movement spring and shock absorber, will be reflected in the end of watch models. However, this is only a partial improvement, not a comprehensive upgrade.
So, in the 3255 aspects of “blood transfusion” movement, is indeed a ground breaking move. I believe that Rolex is a well thought out and planning, because, from the history of the brand, it has never played a war. Rolex but not an independent brand, and is a brand with independent thinking ability, never just parroting blindly follow the trend. This, in its 100 years of development, has been clearly demonstrated.

Rolex stick to his principles, sometimes has to “fantastic”. For example, when the back through the design has become a mainstream mechanical watch dress standard, in the Rolex brand, in addition to the cut lini series of individual styles, and there has never been back through their works. Even last year’s new Cellini series, it will still surface cover tightly, which makes it difficult to see what.

We know, Rolex is currently all the movement are 1857. Here please note, many of the so-called self-produced movement, in fact, is not strict sense of self-produced movement, or in ETA movement on the depth of grinding, dubbed “home grown” in the name of self deception, or buy another movement, the makeover boasted “home grown”. And Rolex, is from the inside to the outside of the full grown, not only self-produced movement, even even watchcase, watch chain and other parts are by their own brand. This nature is also extended to the 3255 movement, and is equipped with the machine core new calendar watch.
As a gold completely by the movement of the Rolex R & D, with 14 patents 3255 inherited the Rolex movement of excellent quality, and in some respects superior. Using the movement of the escapement system named Chronergy it is after the optimization of the lever escapement, on top of the escapement wheel and an escapement fork used a not so new, but is in the senior watch more common processing technology of LIGA (i.e. German lithography, electroforming and injection of abbreviation) and reduce the escapement fork tile thickness, increases the contact surface of the escapement gear. As a result, friction is greatly reduced, and the efficiency of the escapement has increased by 15%.
In addition, Rolex also carried out in the case of the wind box. In general, there are two ways to increase power, or increase the number of a wind box, or increase the length of a wound. But Rolex is another way, the use of new materials and new technology, clockwork spring box thickness abruptly cut, let the wind to make full use of internal space, the movement of the power storage and easily reached 70 hours, than the previous generation week calendar type equipped with 3155 movement full height of more than 20 hours.
In addition to Daytona and other high-end models, Rolex watches have been using pin rod bearing. After wearing a Months and years pass by. Guaceng, there will be the phenomenon of splint. Although this small problem can be solved through regular maintenance, but for some of the friends of the table, is always a piece of heart disease”. This design have been repeatedly criticized, and finally in 3255 out and out movement disappeared. Replace sb. is ball bearings in many watches in the hugely popular. In order to ensure the efficient transmission of gear in the 3255 movement, Rolex also used its own research and development of lubricating oil.
3255 will be accurate and durable play to incapable of further increase point, it is said to have two times to the Swiss official Observatory accuracy. So, in the travel time, it should not have to worry about. After a long development of the machine table, the accuracy has been very difficult to break, the current standard for the mechanical movement of the Observatory (-4 to +6 seconds) has been a lot of the limit of the brand. 3255 is not the basic model of the Rolex movement, from the mechanical principle, said that the relative more difficult to go. However, Rolex lets a movement to stir up the beam. Moreover, Rolex is not just the movement to the Swiss official Observatory test, but also to test the entire table after the shell.
Maybe it’s because the size of the adjustment to 40 mm, the new model of the calendar on the hand, not too heavy. Look at it carefully with an eyepiece work, also maintained a consistently excellent Rolex. Rolex watch, although most of the appearance of rough, but the details of the deal, is the slightest careless. This, I believe that many friends have a deep understanding of Rolex watches. Due to these new Basel does not officially for sale, equipped with 3255 movement of the week calendar watch in actual wear what remains to be table friends feedback.
It is worth mentioning is that the in the new introduction of log pearl ladies watch, has quietly changed the simplified 3255 movement and, three needles with calendar 3235 movement. I believe that soon, 2435 series will be popular in other watches Rolex become Rolex the main force of the future movement.

My goddess black ghost finally arrived

A watch, “melancholy” in the deep sea. To see so many famous brand watch, listen to the most is to put things right once and for all. In my memory, with the labor, are not suitable for my golden style. But after reading the Rolex watch, as if to beat my nerves which is not a Rolex to, why so arrogant, so beautiful. Go out deep in my mind, really worry.
Why do I go into the watch home, is not my big brother reunion. Hand with a rose gold what table to, really is flash blind my eyes and a string of English see do not understand the brand (glashutte 90-02). I just put in the past, brother what table, so cool ah. Let me have a look it, see. Usually think that using a mobile phone at the time what is good, why to watch it, in the way. Ask the price, heck I, which can buy a car ah really waste ah, when school with G-Shock thousands of pieces are a lot of people looking at it. But the first sight Leng. I was shocked, why is this table so good-looking and behind the transparent, that flash, flash thief good-looking. Worn on the hand look, mom, why he was wearing a nice, I’m wearing strange. The hair on the hand is not much, why not look good. Thought this table is certainly not suitable for me, too small not domineering. I the 190 heads, the station is enough arrogance, wearing the wrong table field. Ask big brother, you are where to look at the table. Then the poisoning, a get out of hand.
Look at the watch house to hear the most is once and for all, I this person Zha Zha shouts, Rolex is not easy to bad, hey, and I watch the Kelpie, the styles and more domineering ah, what other brands I didn’t pay attention to, and with a single-minded focus Kelpie, especially black ghost, keen on black. But I think that didn’t like a magnifying glass, feeling the way. So I found, the sea makes 4000, specialized to the Hongkong special counter to try to wear a look, feel wrong ah. Why is this look like a lady, Is it right? Wrong. My head wearing a crown, not a disgrace. Get the sales clerk and I quarrel, shame ah. I think a man’s watch is like a woman’s heels, always have so a. I’ll search in the watch a professional big brother, big brother who is good, good service, attitude can also be, the most important is he introduced the black ghost to me. My heart, once the beat, this is not the enlarged version of the sea to make it? Want to have this and the big brother, the price is also very reasonable. A week after, I drop a mama ah, open the box, this feeling and goddess in love ah, excited face are give me Biede red. What also said not to come out, the first of the touch is like holding her hand like in the trembling ah. Well, I don’t know what to say.