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Cartier replica Tanabata praise

Tanabata, Magpie Bridge will, pray night.
I pray that your life has a gentle, pledge our love as the Milky Way-like shine.
As Michelle Chen and Chen This Shenxianjuanlv general, from the beginning to see the hand in hand accompanied understand TA in love every way.

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When you first view, you are elegant and refined Chen Jiayi.
You shine in the crowd, I smile at the crowd outside. Time seemed to freeze in that second, I understand your modesty pride.
Female models, 31 mm watch, 18K rose gold, leather strap, diamond.

Named after shaped like a key-like winding crown, Cartier to create exquisite virtuosity and flawless streamline appearance, elegant minimalist style and harmony of beauty. Clé de Cartier watches, meaning to open the door of the “key”, gently struck the crown, the sun is strong, just Shaohua, so time has shown signs docked at the moment.
Men, 40 mm watch, 18K rose gold leather strap.

Named after shaped like a key-like winding crown, cheap Cartier replica uk to create exquisite virtuosity and flawless streamline appearance, elegant minimalist style and harmony of beauty.
When in love, you are elegant Chu Chen Maid.
You emit light, I follow you laugh. We love sunny recorded chapter, I read your steadfast strong.
From aloud, “I love you” Solitaire 1895 to firmly say “I do” Destinée, light from the C de Cartier jewel color to Drive de Cartier firm power conferred toward our bright future hand in hand walking.

Classic Solitaire 1895 series is a Cartier platinum used to make jewelry inlaid mountains. Elegant and harmonious four-prong settings, to minimize the volume of seat inserts itself to highlight the brilliance of diamonds.

Classical style Cartier Destinée series with delicate craft micro paved diamond center will set off a more dazzling, delicate carved by one notch on the seat inserts hidden ring.


Drive de Cartier watches
Drive de Cartier replica watch with outstanding achievements classic styling, elegant and masculine Adds chapter. The prowess of the pillow-shaped watch neat lines and generous, equipped Cartier 1904 MC-type workshop refined mechanical movement.
Length 40 mm, width 41 mm, 18K rose gold case, silver guilloche guilloché dial, leather strap.

Clé de Cartier watches
Named after shaped like a key-like winding crown, Cartier to create exquisite virtuosity and flawless streamline appearance, elegant minimalist style and harmony of beauty.
Female models, 35 mm watch, steel case, steel bracelet

Clé de Cartier replica watches uk
Named after shaped like a key-like winding crown, Cartier to create exquisite virtuosity and flawless streamline appearance, elegant minimalist style and harmony of beauty.
Men, 40 mm watch, steel case, steel bracelet

Cartier replica new series Drive De Cartier

Not long ago, Cartier SIHH 2016 launched a new series Drive De Cartier replica comprehensive listing Recently, I counter Beijing Wangfujing Cartier watches Guanya Macau city center, learned new series of watches the arrival of the current basic models more complete, price the same level of brand is also more competitive, the most basic models priced at 45,500 yuan.


DRIVE DE CARTIER Cartier watch series WSNM0004


In recent years, Cartier Haute Horlogerie sector to lose ground, quite successful, the new series is also a new concept beyond the more, even to the extent of a year frequent. SIHH 2016 Cartier Drive De Cartier new series in a pillow case, quickly swept, despite the pillow case is not unique Cartier, it is not only this year, on the contrary it has existed for decades, but not entirely Drive De Cartier according to the traditional pillow case creation, redesigned case with more modern and refined look charming. Watch equipped with self-produced movement, while the slim case also reflects watch excellent watchmaking.

Cartier CALIBRE DE CARTIER Series W7100018 watches


Cartier in addition to those red and purple and blue balloons, tanks and other series, low-key but not simply CALIBRE DE CARTIER apparently not many people concerned, this series is designed to balance, both in leisure and business style. Watch the overall style does not play, and everything from the basics to complex models. The Cartier watch is a full precious metal watches, the basic function of the calendar, built-in self-brand 1904MC movement based 1904-PS MC automatic movement. In a certain sense, the value of this table, more in appearance material, including all-metal exterior bracelet, indeed Aggressive.

Cartier Santos watch Yasang series W2020057


In the Cartier world, there is a class of watchmaking table provides a new way of thinking, that is hollow. Most skeleton watch, were carried out on the basis of the original movement hollow, is not to give a beautiful skeleton movement, Cartier is because hollow, so the movement to re-layout and design to ensure that the hollow special beauty. In addition, Cartier because this mind, only the iconic standard scale and movement plywood as one of the signature elements. Santos watch of this series is a good example, built-in self-produced hollow movement 9908MC.

Cartier replica JUSTE UN CLOU

Cartier replica JUSTE UN CLOU

\July 2016, the Cartier brand hand in hand friend, the new generation of Chinese star – Luhan, for the great spirit of independence and freedom JUSTE UN CLGU series interpretation of the new blockbuster “nail justice themselves.” Modern city streets turned into light magnificent stage, Luhan Peidai Ka Cartier JUSTE UN CLGU series of works, full of rhythmic music, brave the release of their self-confidence uninhibited control over the pulsation of the world; on chasing the dream of the road, JUSTE UN CLGU together with the “nail” meaning that belong to the “I” of the era.


I always want to know what the goal and ran away, undisturbed. This is my freedom, my own independence. – Luhan

JUSTE UN CLGU, born in 1970, is a classic symbol of immortality and fanaticism. Its name, meaning “I, is a nail”, but the actual connotation and far more than that. By Cartier designer Aldo Cipullo devil’s hands, JUSTE UN CLGU inspiration comes from, although unusual hardware tools, but with simple, chic style, giving the wearer a maverick, avant-garde uninhibited temperament. Forty years since, no matter how the times change of, JUSTE UN CLGU always convey the freedom and independence of unlimited desire, standing trend of cutting-edge.

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Every age are active in this group of adhere to self, do not follow the crowd of pioneers. They have their own unique way to chase a dream, independent-minded, spiritual freedom, in their own way to express themselves, to understand the world, speculative life. Seemingly rebellious, seemingly unruly, it is unusually strong and courageous. Luhan, the 90 new generation of positive energy idol, is his tenacity and courage to become a pioneer in this day and age can not be ignored, and this is the fit between JUSTE UN CLGU and Luhan’s.

3696 3697
From the initial dream of football yearning to break through the self Dream music; singer from singing and dancing to the singer and entertainer; from active participation in public welfare undertakings, to selected charitable China celebrity list …… Luhan still do not stop, do not compromise your dreams. As he sang his song: “Life can only move forward, the firm belief of the people are heroes.”

45 seconds black and white neon switching speed and still collide. In this not a line, not a slogan of the video, Luhan once again demonstrated its own pure, colorful city in the background, with a bold confident dance expression JUSTE UN CLGU uninhibited spirit. Each a determined look, every power of a great movement, shines with a firm attitude. He JUSTE UN CLGU passion collision, through time as the resistance to burst out of a split in the world boldly proclaim: I nailed myself justice! He is Luhan, he is every maverick, self-confidence and courage, sharp edges and corners of the pioneer era, hugged together Cartier JUSTE UN CLGU create period charm.

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Stylish but not mediocre, simple without losing individuality, is sought after not drift, JUSTE UN CLGU always together with the pioneer of every age, passing the endless vitality and forge ahead, release me really eclectic.