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Cartier replica Fifth Avenue boutiques reload opening

In September 2016, it is located in New York’s Fifth Avenue Cartier replica boutiques experienced two and half years of renovation, will restart her elegance door in the eye, which will also mark the Cartier largest in the history of repairs innovation plan a successful conclusion.

Everything originated from a necklace

We will restart her door elegance in the eye, which will also mark the largest in the history of Cartier innovative renovation program successfully finished
More than a century ago, Cartier pearl necklace with a beautiful exchange, Fifth Avenue was a grand building, the legendary story starts. In 1912, Cartier, grandson of the founder – Pierre Cartier (Pierre Cartier) in New York around the city looking for places to open boutiques. Five years, he kept looking, hoping to find with Cartier Ya Bali Peace Street and New Bond Street flagship store in London’s boutiques comparable buildings. When he found that this building is located in the center of Manhattan, a neo-Renaissance building, they know that they finally found the perfect location.

In 1917, Pierre Cartier • $ 100 worth one million US dollars and a pearl necklace in exchange for this building a private residence. 2016, Cartier again produced a natural pearl necklace to pay tribute to this legend.

• Morton Chant • Prandtl Prandtl wife to wear to a private residence in exchange for natural pearl necklace. • Prandtl portrait painting Chant by the Alphonse Jongers creation, copy painting drawn by Claudia Munro Kerr.
Pierre to the owner of the building, the famous businessman Morton · F · Prandtl (Morton F. Plant) proposals for a natural pearl necklace exchange the building. Prandtl’s wife May (Mae) – known as “Chant” (Maisie), was in the fourth floor of 712 Fifth Avenue Cartier Jashari Long seen this necklace, and one sight. This one million US dollars worth of jewelry and Pierre comparable price of the building. In fact, according to “New York Times” estimate, Prandtl house valued at $ 925,000 in about 1916, and even slightly lower than the pearl necklace. This masterpiece is so expensive pearls, cultured pearls are very rare because at that time, it has not yet become mainstream. Cartier spent several years to collect 128 natural pearls of uniform size, and ultimately produce this doctrine Chant dreaming necklace.

Jewelry exchange building legendary achievements of a true fairy tale. Morton Prandtl generosity caused his wife very happy. After Chant Prandtl receive this pearl necklace soon after invited to paint designed for high society painter Alphonse Jongers as she drew a portrait. Cartier also successfully acquired legendary building this building. From 1917 to date, there has always been the seat of Cartier flagship store in Asia and USA.

After nearly a century, it is located in 653 Fifth Avenue boutiques No. 2017 celebrating its 100th anniversary.
On this occasion, Cartier has produced a natural pearl necklace to pay tribute to this legendary story of Cartier boutiques.

Responsible for the two-year and a half of repair work the architect Tiye Rui de Peng (Thierry Despont) said: “Fifth Avenue boutique Cartier called a model for.” He uphold the concept of classical aesthetics, well versed in the history and the essence of technology, in modern engineering cleverly integrated into the traditional techniques, giving a variety of features for the Cartier fifth Avenue boutiques. He expounded said:. “I hope that after the repair is completed, this building when people Language magnificent building can feel it the most brilliant appearance on a global scale, it is unique, unparalleled.”

Two standing boutiques entrance, can immediately feel unusual atmosphere. De Peng said: “When you walk from Fifth Avenue, Macy Prandtl salon, room exhibit pleasing depth effect, straight line extending from the floor to the mezzanine inside.” Original boutique located on 52 Street it has a magnificent entrance hall, wood-paneled room decorated specially produced by the Paris studio lacquer Midavaine, placed in the foyer with a concierge desk, classic style staircase was also retained. Here it was named “Cheetah Hall” (Panthère Hall).

Fifth Avenue boutique Cartier middle of the magnificent staircase, leading guests to explore the various floors of the store.

“Cheetah” lacquer wood panels by the Midavaine lacquer art studio on Fifth Avenue boutique dedicated to creating Cartier, Paris, 2016.

Concierge desk where the cheetah hall located boutique 52nd Street side of the entrance, the walls are decorated beautifully painted lacquer panels are Cartier in Paris Midavaine Workshop custom work.

Many boutique room decor theme, inspired by an important figure in the history of Cartier.
US actress Grace Kelly come about Ianiu Cartier boutiques. Shortly thereafter, she and Prince Rainier III of Monaco wed March 29, 1956. Cartier story of “Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor) Sand,” Zhen Duchamp (Jeanne Toussaint) sandwich “, a Cartier legendary art director named private space designed for custom fine jewelry works customer design. its color fabric wallpaper, furniture and embroidered fabrics herringbone patterned wood flooring and other decorative details are in the tribute to Ms. Toussaint extraordinary artistic attainments.

Princess Grace Sharon elegant, gorgeous rendering bright shining Cartier diamond engagement ring. Special decorative oval hall Monaco Prince Palace Shield.
In the “Pierre Cartier room”, the classic jewelry works on display. Green velvet carpet decorated throughout, with one pair of antique sofa, salon chairs, desk, fireplace, beveled mirror and lead white wood paneling.
Layer oval room is named “Princess Grace Salon.” Here it was once a dance hall, space has now become the exclusive diamond work. In 1955, Fournier Monagelei Prince (Prince Rainier of Monaco) has donated Grace Kelly (Grace Kelly) a Cartier diamond engagement ring. De Peng explained:. “Here and decorative details very beautiful and romantic, such as we find attached to beautifully carved walls of the original building and when the light scattered into the room through a white taffeta curtains lining the bright crystal chandeliers, everything seemed so extravagant moving. “salon on a white wall decorated with a white crest of Monaco, to set off the wood paneling detail.

Cartier story of “Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor) Salon” works as a senior jewelry exclusive space.

Elizabeth Taylor Sharon symbolizes deep love and many celebrities Ascot Cartier, beautiful fine jewelry on display here.
Visit St. in August 1957 – Cap Ferrat let it (Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat) during Elizabeth Taylor Gallery husband Mike Todd (Mike Todd) grant Cartier ruby ​​diamond jewelry works.
To praise Cartier 169 years of glorious history of watchmaking, the third floor of the whole floor boutique for men’s and women’s timepieces space. When Ms. meter wall space, column, carpet ornaments and mirrors are made of light-colored design. Men’s watch works are on display in “Andy Warhol (Andy Warhol) Salon” Central, gray oak moldings and walls decorated with mirrors. Men’s Watches salon to another great Brazilian flight Jiashan Santos Dumont (Santos Dumont) name. In 1904, Louis Cartier (Louis Cartier) had been designed specifically for him when the world’s first worn on the wrist men dollars. As a senior watchmaking exclusive space, “Gary Cooper (Gary Cooper) Sharon” to tobacco colored leather walls and red leather armchairs, creating a simple and elegant masculine atmosphere. Precious and complex Cartier timepieces at steady background backdrop, highlighting the remarkable charm.

Andy Warhol Sharon presents classic Cartier men’s watch series. In this picture the famous portrait Polaroid works, Warhol Volpe wearing his favorite Cartier Tank watch.

Gary Cooper Sharon Swiss-made Cartier cheap replica watches works as the theme, decorate a hall Gary Cooper handsome portrait, filling the charm of the Hollywood star.

Four boutiques filled with contemporary style, Cartier accessories works on display here. De Peng said: “The red leather walls of the room and red ceiling have adopted Cartier iconic red boxes of the same material, the overall atmosphere is like the simple elegance of the Museum of Contemporary Art.” Middle of the room wenge exhibition stand displays handbags, leather goods scarf and glasses works. This layer also set up a special low-key private area of ​​about six square meters perfume Chamber of Secrets. Room with the same red leather decorative elements, displays Cartier exclusive perfumer Mathilde Laurent perfume launch of the 12 numbers. Whenever a box containing perfume is turned on, a short video that is presented on a wall-mounted screen, interpretation This fragrance mood.

Cartier perfume exhibition space dedicated master perfumer Mathilde Laurent perfume launch numbering works. Each opens a box, a video playing on the screen, the interpretation of the corresponding emotional atmosphere.
The remaining space is designed as a four-Grace ornate salon. Salon furnishings comfortable seat, customers can enjoy free drinks at the bar, or in the charging station to charge the phone.
Five workshops for the exclusive space.
Six are private leisure space, you can create an atmosphere depending on the theme. Outermost confined space has glass walls, it can open out like an accordion, leading to a spacious terrace overlooking Fifth Avenue streetscape.
De Peng concluded: “The cooperation with Cartier is a very rare opportunity, I am very pleased to be able to lead all walks of designers, artisans and craftsmen together to create value far better things.”

Cartier love New York


Cartier – Bolton – Taylor diamond Cartier boutiques and Ianiu about Chicago exhibition, which attracted thousands of members of the public to stop and watch Fengyun break auction price record of the legendary diamond in 1969.
Fifth Avenue boutique Cartier has never been more than just a gorgeous place to sell jewelry, watches and accessories work. In 1917, the opening of boutiques beginning, that expand the immortal love between Cartier and New York.
Pierre Cartier held a public exhibition in boutiques, making it popular culture. During his tenure, the many exhibitions held in 1923, the most famous Art Deco Lacquer artist Jean Dunant (Jean Dunand) first solo exhibition in the United States. To commemorate this event, a new boutique on Fifth Avenue at 52nd Street underlying lobby decorated with lacquer wood paneling, these unique antique wood panel chosen by the famous Parisian workshops Midavaine lacquer production.
1969 Fifth Avenue boutique Cartier celebrate its most sought after shows: within a period of six days, Richard Burton (Richard Burton) purchased from Cartier and presented to Elizabeth Taylor’s heavy 69.42 kt pear-shaped diamond, a public show. Every day six thousand spectators flocked, eager to see the true capacity Fengyun rare diamonds. It is worth a million dollars, it was one of the world’s most expensive diamond. In 2009, the history of the brand boutiques hold the largest exhibition – “Cartier in the United States a hundred years of passion and spirit of freedom” (100 Years of Passion and Free Spirit in America), to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Cartier entered the United States. Film star Gloria Swanson (Gloria Swanson), banker J. P. Morgan (J. P. Morgan) and the Duchess of Windsor and other celebrities Ascot’ve got gorgeous Cartier works are on display. Today these antiques Pierre has become a part of Cartier Collection.

Boutiques held numerous charity events, the most impressive was undoubtedly the 1976 New York City fundraising. Cartier served as mayor of New York Committee on the dinner organizers, the Commission aims to improve the overall image of the city of New York. Cartier has produced quite a life-size, rubies, emeralds and diamonds golden apple boxes for the auction. Place a box of precious stone pendant necklace golden apple.

Gold, rubies and emeralds to create the Big Apple pendant, 1976. While Pierre specifically tailored by the Mayor of New York and a public auction, the auction proceeds for the New York City public spending.

Put on their holiday best Cartier Fifth Avenue boutiques: red satin and soldiers decorated facades, 1980.
During the Christmas season, boutiques often transformed into Manhattan’s most lovely holiday decorations. The late 1970s, the huge red ribbon wrapped boutiques, Fifth Avenue has become one of the most remarkable gift. On this moving decorative embellishment often Cartier iconic elements. In 2005, the classic red box from Cartier boutiques facades pouring down. In 2003, a cheetah climbing on the Cartier boutique sidewall. In 2004, the ornate crown decorated boutiques entrance. Julianne Moore (Julianne Moore), Sienna Miller (Sienna Miller), Rachel Weisz (Rachel Weisz) and Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica-Parker) successively invited to Cartier annual Christmas decoration opening.
LM model 15.0 x 10.0 x 25.0 cm (completely re-engraved version), Cartier Ya Bali, 1969. Cartier Collection works.

In 1969, Neil Armstrong (Neil Armstrong), Buzz Aldrin (Buzz Aldrin) and Michael Collins (Michael Collins) Three American astronauts became the first humans to the moon, and create an unprecedented history. Cartier by French daily “Le Figaro” (Le Figaro) requirements, to produce pure gold miniatures three Apollo 11 lunar module, the astronauts to visit Paris as a welcome gift.

Andy Warhol self-portrait, he wears a Tank replica watches. Polaroid photo, about 1970.

“Louis Cartier replica” Diamonds are a handful of more than 100 kt of rare diamonds, the Gemological Institute of America as its Class D (flawless). The diamond had 1976 Louis Cartier occasion of the centenary of the birth of the exhibition in New York.
In 2001, an important role to play Cartier boutique in New York City history officially recognized, the mayor of New York’s Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street interchange named “Cartier square,” and especially marked on road signs.

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Cartier Tank replica or a Jaeger-Lecoultre Reverso?

The previous answers are all good and come from a solid place — which is to acknowledge the key role of your own consumer wants. They’ve answered the “What should I buy” part of the question.


However, what they may have omitted to factor in is the “What should I consider before deciding what to buy” component.

In getting a car or a laptop or a new suit, you wouldn’t necessarily just buy the one you initially liked more. You’d do some research (or a lot of it, depending on how much you’re thinking of spending) and then make your decision in light of both your own preferences and the information you’ve gained.


You might like the Tank more now, and you’re entirely justified in doing so — it’s an illustrious timepiece with a classic design. Andy Warhol wore a Tank, as did Truman Capote and JFK. The Reverso, as you’ve correctly pointed out, is made by a company with a far longer horological pedigree than Cartier, and has an edge in terms of traditional watchmaking prestige.

If you’re thinking of deepening your interest in mechanical cheap replica watches, the Reverso will be a great introduction to a company that historically supplied some of the greatest watchmaking brands in the business (and still does, actually). It’s less common a watch and will therefore also signal your awareness of quality mechanical watchmaking to people who notice that kind of thing.


You should also know that Cartier replica have exponentially strengthened their watchmaking expertise over the last 8 years, and some of their top-level watches can rival those of the most established Swiss brands in terms of technicality and complication.


Also, not all Cartier Tanks are made equal, and neither are all Jaeger-LeCoultre Reversos made equal. The choice between a Tank Solo and a Grande Reverso Duo is vastly different from the choice between a Tank Louis Cartier Sapphire Skeleton and a Reverso Squadra Chronograph GMT.


As you can tell, the choice can be as straightforward or as involved as you want it to be. Do a little digging around, and decide whenever you’re comfortable. If you want to go for the Tank simply because you like the look of it better, then so be it and that’s totally cool. If you decide that the Reverso will suit your purposes better in the long run then go ahead and get that instead.