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Cartier replica another realm

Creativity is an attitude, an active, active and autonomous attitude towards life. Today, the watch house editor to give you about Cartier creative gem watches replica series HPI00776 watch, appreciate this watch, the disk reflects the specific image of the slightest abstract charm, subtle silhouettes hidden deep philosophy. Do not let your logic thinking End burst the brain, the upper hand, and together with the editor into the ingenuity of this creative watch, pitch between, just like exposure to another realm. (Official model: HPI00776)


Jewelery luxury to enjoy

This watch fake uk case with 18k white gold diamond, inlaid 314 bright round cutting diamond, case thickness 11.40 mm, the production process can be described as consummate. The finishing touch should be said to be 18k white gold, bead-shaped crown, inlaid with a diamond, the same extremely bright. Look at the dial on the female leopard silhouette, its outline is a large number of precious stones inlaid, carefully crafted. Wear it wrist, really shine charming, bearing extraordinary.

Case positive

Case side


Unique design to the core

Through the sapphire crystal table mirror can clearly see the unique design of the dial screen, round dial coated with 18K rhodium-plated K white gold, and inlaid 11 bright round cutting diamonds. Cheetah in the wild grass open, suddenly a gust of wind quietly hit, golden-winged hummingbirds along the arc from its head passing, infinite meaning floating. Watch the top left gold-plated sword-shaped steel pointer movement is the kinetic energy from the movement stored, diameter 36.18 mm, thickness 5.45 mm manual mechanical movement from 367 small parts combined, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour; More precious is the 49 precious stones embedded in the above, bit by bit all flow of Cartier’s blood, embodies the spirit of Cartier fake uk excellence. Hummingbird passing process is full of exotic features, the hummingbird flying range of the remaining time to travel long. Mother Leopard pattern plating 18K rhodium-plated K gold, inlaid 270 bright-cut round diamond, pear-shaped cut emerald leopard eyes, smooth black speckled beveled gem embellishment in the female leopard body, making the highlight highlights, as if exposure to Elegant and delicate realm.


Round dial


Classic fashion table
Bright gem with black crocodile leather strap, the classic color contrast makes use of a gem adds a luxurious sense of honor, while fashion forever. Even the color of the dial design is black and white with creative design, add a few gold, neither deliberately too complicated to pursue simple design. More worth mentioning is the slightest charm on the dial and outline the outline of the pattern, using the fine craftsmanship of gold and silver, delicate and delicate, so that fashion infiltration into a trace of a rhyme.

Black and white with dial



Summary: Cartier creative gem fake watches series HPI00776 watch reflects Cartier’s unique thinking and genius creativity, the complexity of the watch through the fictional women in the delicate world to show, in order to better convey the touching scene of women. Will be gentle into the creative, so that maternal love into the glorious, to the people left a new aesthetic mood, elegant and refined, refined and delicate. If you are a gem favorite, then please set this Cartier creative gem watch series HPI00776 watch, you give it a stage it in your wrist charm flying, it will play the ultimate, so your heart with the table Moving, always bloom.

Calibre De Cartier replica

Seawater so blue, people feel the color of jade is too shallow, sapphire color and too deep, even the master teacher is also difficult to describe. Today, this article editor to introduce the diving leader – Cartier CALIBER DE CARTIER series WSCA0010 watch, but also the main use of quiet and rational blue, only quiet was only Zhiyuan, only reason to be in-depth, then let us wear This quiet and sensible blue Cartier fake uk, to wander the ocean, to the field of blue dream trip. (Official model: WSCA0010)


Blue dial is still in the type

Which dial the main blue dial, multi-layer ceramic scale ring from the outside and within the distribution, almost every circle has a time scale, part of the blue dial with scroll pattern Super-LumiNova * luminous coating time scale, Like the deep blue night sky dash of silver shining slowly spread, deep and bright. Small three-pin design style makes the hour and minute hands separated from the second hand, set up a single small seconds. Sword-shaped stainless steel pointer covered with Super-LumiNova * luminous coating, shaped like a sword walking in the night, precise timing, free and easy. Particularly prominent design is part of the standard scale using Roman numerals, some of the Arabic numerals, but without the slightest sense of messy. At three o’clock show the date, at twelve o’clock mark scale amplification effect highlighting this watch broad-minded, and the vast expanse of the ocean echo each other.

Blue round dial

Polished stainless steel case

Watch the outer case of the middle case design into a zigzag shape, smooth and not unexpected; wave a fold, a high and a low, novelty without bias, glamorous. 42 mm diameter of the case gives a sense of awe-inspiring atmosphere, so you instantly into the ocean embrace, close to nature. Lug and case connected to the natural one, superb technology. The side of the case placed a steel multi-section crown, and inlaid a multi-faceted synthesis of spinel, as if a blue elf is to the distant view, a little more Reiki.

Stainless steel case

Case side


Strap buckle strength combination

Cartier CALIBER DE CARTIER series WSCA0010 watches fake uk the dark blue strap made of leather and rubber splicing, with a certain soft and flexible, and durable, you need not fear scuba diving, it quietly away from you. Stainless steel buckle-type buckle, and your wrist closely with the paste, the atmosphere more than the slightest delicate, is a good helper when you dive.

Strap and clasp

Depth of water free wander

300 meters of water depth allows you to take a panoramic view of the world treasures of the sea, arbitrary. Automatic mechanical movement allows you to forget the tired, enjoy waving wrist, free wandering the ocean.

Bottom identification

Summary: want to embrace the sea, wandering the ocean, do not hesitate, quickly wearing a Cartier CALIBER DE CARTIER series WSCA0010 watch into your marine world, feel its majestic atmosphere; want to dive freely, but also to Wear your diving leader – Cartier CALIBER DE replica CARTIER series WSCA0010 watch, so you never go it alone.

Cartier DRIVE DE replica

The watch replica sale dial is covered with white galvanized guilloche pattern, matte silver-plated hollow grille on the black Roman numerals vividly marked on the transfer. Early morning, the sun on the face of Caesar, was hollow grille black and white “screen” sieve out mottled reflection, like a small maple frost-like glyphs forehead, through the sapphire crystal mirror, you can faintly see the sun pattern radiation effects, To pass you some mysterious atmosphere. Sword-shaped blue steel pointer placed in the center of the small seconds at the top of the disk position, in silver-gray dial on a trace of charm.
A good watch can bring you the attention of others, can enhance your taste, can let you reflect a man’s correct attitude. Wrist wear Cartier DRIVE DE replica uk series W4100013 watch is the pursuit of taste, but also a self-confidence