Cartier Libre Replica reinterprets the definition of visual interpretation

Cartier Libre Replica series unparalleled gorgeous style. The power of surging enthusiasm, a change of traditional aesthetic style. Cartier Libre series re-interpretation of the brand styling watch, showing a lively creative ingenuity. Stretching or narrowing lines, revealing a dreamlike atmosphere, a perfect interpretation of the creative freedom, Cartier Cartier Libre series specifically outlined the beauty of the brand watch collectors.

Unprecedented bold styling, salute the Baignoire or Crash watch: jump from the traditional proportions, magnificent dimensions, smart extension of the line. Gorgeous and bold manner, the clever use of precious materials and contrast tones, to show the ultimate feminine charm, exudes simplicity of beauty, with a refreshing Cartier creative concept.
Unique personality, eclectic ideas. Whether it is obvious, or discerning connoisseurs can interpret the subtle, Cartier design symbols are always the focus, showing a distinguished brand style. Crystallized by the unique creative quenched chain bloom enthusiasm, freedom and uninhibited, in the simple and gorgeous between the formation of perfect tension. The five models sold on their own are the same definition: the iconic character of Cartier.

Baignoire Interdite watch (Interdite French translation: restricted area)
Baignoire watch cleverly master the space game, dazzling, oval dial with transverse modeling slender slender wrist to reveal the attractive design to attract the visual: Large Roman numerals dotted black glossy ADLC coated long case; dial on Diamond looming, revealing the mysterious fantasy temperament. Outstanding elegance, show the classic concept of aesthetics advocating freedom.

Baignoire Interdite watch, white gold, case set diamonds, ADLC coated, quartz movement, number limited to 50 for sale.

Baignoire Étoilée watch (Étoilée French translation: starry)
Black spinel and crystal diamonds pouring like a waterfall, gorgeous bright, beautiful dazzling. When suspended, the gorgeous light on the skin Smart walk. Ingenuity of the monochrome contrast, mini dial inlaid double precious stones, perfect blend of black and white, presents a stunning visual effects.

Baignoire Étoilée watch, white gold, bracelet and case set with diamonds and black spinel, quartz movement, number limited edition 50.
Baignoire Débordante watch (Débordante French translation: overflowing)
Perfect grasp of virtual reality, create a unique three-dimensional structure. Round best cartier replica ring beautifully decorated Lou carved crown, decorated with stars like precious ornate gems … … control the magnificent grand styling, the use of shiny gemstones … … without leaving the bold ideas, appreciate the streamer flying, singing time.

Baignoire Débordante watch, white gold, case set with diamonds and black spinel, quartz movement, number limited edition 50.
Baignoire Infinie watch (Infinie French translation: unlimited)
Inspired by the Baignoire Allongée but retaining only the curved design. Round shape into a slim design, the central part of the visual focus, time dance at your fingertips. The perfect balance of asymmetry, paved with trapezoidal cut diamonds, white mother of pearl, Tahitian mother of pearl and black spinel, gorgeous style fascinating. Glittering gem exposition gorgeous brilliant, ingenious embellishment of the three crown, mini black dial is also decorated with a row of beautiful diamonds. Unique jewelry works, modeling excellent and refined, luxurious style.
Baignoire Infinie watch, white gold, Case set with diamonds and black spinel, mother of pearl, quartz movement, number limited edition 50.

Crash Radieuse watch (Radieuse French translation: glowing / radiant)
Crash watch distorted again. Irregular multi-elliptical decorative case decorated like folding and stretching, large Roman numerals as if the illusion of a flash in the pan, the central dial strong potent waves. Crash Timepieces to its own charm to the extreme, revealing the unique femininity. The original irregular appearance of the case after sublimation, reflecting the elegant and elegant temperament, full of confidence and style.
Crash Radieuse watch, yellow gold, 8970 MC-type manual winding movement, number limited edition 50.

Opened Cartier replica watches swiss movement watchmaking workshop mystery
Located in the heart of Huadu, the Parisian team’s office in Cartier’s watchmaking workshop spouts genial sunshine into the room from the window, radiating a sense of tranquility away from the hubbub. Workshop’s main content is the concept and design of jewelry watches, the overall atmosphere of peace and quiet, all the space full of light, suitable for people to concentrate on meditation. The work team consists of more than a dozen young colleagues from different backgrounds and countries. They do not follow typical career planning and each has a unique life trajectory. The ability of each colleague to complement each other and create a sense of concerted effort in daily affairs, everyone is an indispensable part of the creative workshop.

Hand-painted manuscripts mean the process of letting emotions and intuitions lead and creating beautiful things. This is the design process that can be done with both hands.
When the first black-and-white design is finished, it also means things are starting to shape: you can begin to colorize this Cartier Libre watch.
The first process of creation is drawing. Drawings mean the process of letting the emotion and intuition lead and creating beautiful things. This is the design process that can be done with both hands. Designers are free to play their own creative ideas, using the brand’s unique vocabulary and symbols as creative elements to witness the birth of the works that will be put on the name of Cartier. This design draft will serve as a benchmark for the production process to develop technical specifications. This document will detail the production steps and the attendant difficulties. Plans are a veritable guide to craftsmanship that allows craftsmen to create specific three-dimensional structures.

The main consideration when choosing gems is the ability of the gemstone to color and reflect light, aiming to create a distinctive and harmonious balance of gems. Like a puzzle, all the elements are slowly woven into a beautiful painting.
Stereolithography is the second design step. After the drawing stage, the accuracy of the design drawings can be tested through the three-dimensional structure. This step requires a meticulous attitude, every detail needs to be perfect, whether it is 3D map or is called the “blue part” of the wax model production can not have any errors.

After that, the designer and model department will discuss it to break the technical limits and create a unique aesthetic for the work. The purpose of this process is to achieve a unique goal: faithfully follow the design. However, this is by no means easy! In order to meet some of the requirements of the design, the work team must develop new processes. After that, the technical department is responsible for keeping the work in line with the quality standards of the workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.
From graphic design to touchable objects … The designer looks at and examines each gem one by one so that he can keep thinking about the structure and reflections of his artwork in his heart. Before the design becomes a physical object, the craftsman will first conceive the geometry of the work.

When the three-dimensional structure is completed, all components of the women’s replica cartier watches will be examined one after the other to gain insight into their characteristics. On the dial, one of the more complicated processes is gemstones, all gems need to be perfectly coordinated to ensure ergonomic comfort.
These technical limitations are not an impediment; instead, technical limitations may be born into new processes for creation. This process of striking a perfect balance between the two extremes is full of tension, reflecting the complexity and precision of these processes.