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A Cartier Tank Replica For Everyone: 100 Years And Counting

The tracked design of the military tanks was inspired by a design in which the strap fits seamlessly into the casing of the case and the shape does not change. The parallel lugs extend to the parallel sides of the case, forming a rectangular or square shape – the most remarkable feature of the tank series. In fact, the tank is not only the most recognizable of all rectangular or square watches, but it is arguably one of the best known Cartier Replica UK watches ever. In addition, other unique features of the tank include its Roman numerals, the ring on the dial, and the blue steel sword-shaped Cartier pointer. The crown is usually made of convex sapphire, which is often replaced by a cut diamond in a gem-set version.

The Various Tanks

Since 1917, there have been numerous changes in the tank series. The Cartier Tank Fake Watch was launched in 1922 and was personally designed by Mr. Cartier and embodied the decorative arts. In 1989, tank Americans were born, “the dawn of a new historical era for the United States.” The size of the United States is getting larger and larger to accommodate more and more timepieces. Launched in 1996, Tank Française updated the tank watch with a chain bracelet, which is significantly narrower than the case.

A Tank For Everyone

Steel, gold, leather, complications, various colors, sizes… Collection tanks are vast today and offer something for everyone. It even boasts that women and men are the same. Several of the watches in this series are virtually unisex. Even the most trending characters like Lady Diana, Andy Warhol and Jackie Kennedy have come to its elegance. Now you can choose one of these five different contemporary tank replica watches.

The Cartier Tank Solo In Steel

The most basic and classic, this Tank Solo is a symmetrical miniature. The balance between parallel lines and this watch is very soothing. The round side of the side ensures it sits comfortably on your wrist. The case length is 31mm and the built-in automatic movement. The silver-white dial is equipped with tank numbers and blue steel hour and minute seconds hands. If you are looking for a rectangular Best Replica Cartier that will last forever, this is your best choice. The Tank Solo can be used with any suit, from brunch linens to evening black ties.

A Black Leather Tank Anglaise

More formal, more subtle, this tank is even bigger. This case is 36.2 mm long, decorated with more slender white gold, and has a partially hidden crown – the distinctive feature of all English versions of the tank. This is driven by an automatic movement. Like other models, “Cartier” is elegantly printed on Roman numeral VII. The silver rectangular dial features a guilloché pattern in the center, which displays the date in a three o’clock window in addition to hours, minutes and seconds.

A Tourbillon Tank: The Tank Américaine

Tank watches are also complicated, and this tourbillon is equipped with a tourbillon – the most famous tourbillon. The tourbillon cage can be highlighted in the lower half of the box and has a Cartier ‘C’, which is a common feature of several tourbillons provided by maison. The upper skeleton of the dial skeleton shows a grey guilloche pattern at the bottom. The core of the watch is a manual winding movement, all mounted in a rose gold rectangular case, UK Cheap 35 mm long Cartier Watches, with a sapphire on the crown. This watch is equipped with a khaki brown leather strap perfectly matched with rose gold.

A Gold Tank: The Tank Française

Finally, a full-gold Tank copy watch, this watch uses a 21mm rectangular gold case. This compact watch is a small, polite quartz movement. Provide hours and minutes of display, this skirt suit can be used with cocktail dresses, making it an ideal everyday companion. This French gold is definitely an eternal watch – a perfect example of timeless style.

Cartier Replica 2017 new TANK watch series

Tank watch family after a hundred years after the change, has been the birth of dozens of distinctive members. This year, coincides with the birth of the 100th anniversary of the birth of TANK, Cartier Replica launched a number of new world style in line with the new works, the rate has extraordinary appearance, expected to be the same as the past, the classic series loved by the public. And look at our following in-depth reports, is bound to make you a hundred years of classic future evolution, full of surprises look forward to.

Cartier TANK Replica series this year launched a new three series of classic to highlight the modern style, including: design to vertical lugs, rounded corners of the TANK Louis Cartier series, rectangular shape more straight TANK Américaine US tank series and elegant temperament, Perfectly symmetrical TANK Française French Tank. In addition, also launched the re-engraved 1921 years of fine works of the central tank, to the classic to pay the highest respect, combined with advanced tabulation process, to create a new TANK Cintrée central hollow watch, a full range of works will be officially listed in September.

New TANK Américaine American Tank Watch
TANK Américaine watch designed in 1987, officially launched in 1989, the arc case continues TANK Cintrée central tank watch idea: rectangular shape more straight, vertical ears become more rounded. Extended lines and slightly curved shape, make this watch a powerful, more classic. The work was presented to Cartier for the original TANK watch by General Pershing.
TANK Américaine Stainless Steel Watch Quartz Movement.

TANK Américaine watch will be geometric aesthetics to play most vividly, neat and soft, straight and curved, rounded and corners clever blend, it is the first Cartier waterproof with a curved case watch. This wide-shaped watch is also equipped with a new folding clasp, so that the chain can be adjusted according to the length of the wrist, to replace Cartier has been used since 1910 clasp design. The new TANK Américaine watch with a simple contemporary style, interpretation of the original TANK watch spirit. Simple lines become the focus of the wrist, timeless classic steel like precious material, reflecting the true modern style.
New TANK Française French watch curved case and bracelet seamless, lines, shapes and materials are harmonious blend.

New TANK Française French watch
The TANK Française watch, which was born in 1996, improved the iconic design of this classic masterpiece (vertical lugs, Roman numerals dials, minute rails, sword-shaped pointers, convex round sapphire crowns) The Curved case and bracelet seamless, lines, shapes and materials are harmonious blend. Its geometric design becomes more soft, and more eye-catching: vertical lug through the slope treatment, the chain chain section concave bend. Watch the details of the process, highlight the overall line. Today, this both practical features and unique style of the watch to play a free idea, the steel material and bright diamonds combined.
TANK Française stainless steel luxury replica watches stainless steel case, inlaid round bright cut diamonds.

New TANK Louis Cartier watch
TANK Louis Cartier watch in 1922 come out, a symbol of the real TANK spirit. To the vertical lug of the neat lines, rounded corners, the integration of a lug and case and other iconic design, after 100 years after the classic still meaningful. Attention to modeling and unique style of harmony, to show the watch pure and lasting charm. Two new cheap replica watches equipped with 8971 MC manual winding mechanical movement: rose gold elegant, full of Cartier temperament; ladies watches with rose gold or white gold production, ear inlaid with bright diamonds.
TANK Louis Cartier White Gold Diamond Watch Rhodium White Gold K gold, inlaid round brilliant cut diamonds, 8971 MC manual winding mechanical movement, small models reference price about NTD 550,000.