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Cartier replica five degrees together with Chinese film

The 8th China Film Directors Association 2016 Annual Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing. The fifth time together with the Chinese film director of the French palace brand Cartier, with many outstanding filmmakers witnessed the birth of the nomination awards.
The nomination dinner to “return to the beginning of the film” as the theme, traced back to the birthplace of the film Lyon, sentiment, “the father of modern film” Lumiere brothers for the original intention of the film, review the nature of the film and development track, The future. Do not forget the beginning of the heart, tempered forward, with 170 years of history of Cartier is the case, while sticking to the brand at the same time, continue to adapt to the trend of the times to develop and innovation. Each piece of Cartier replica works have been carefully crafted by countless hours of work, which coincides with the film industry’s excellence in film production. In the current rapid development of Chinese film, Cartier hand in hand with the Chinese film director association, in recognition of outstanding film works and filmmakers to support the development of China’s film industry, but also expressed the brand for cultural and artistic diligently pursued.
Cartier helped the China Film Directors Association Annual Awards 2016

Mr. Li Hanlong, Chief Executive Officer of Cartier China, and the director of the China Film Directors Association: Guan Hu, Jiang Haiyang, Wan Ma Cai Dan, Cai Shangjun, Chen Jianbin, Li Shaohong, Jia Zhangke, Lou Ye, Diao Yibei (from left)

Mr. Li Hanlong, Chief Executive Officer of Cartier replica China, together with the directors of the China Film Directors Association, toast: Li Shaohong, Jia Zhangke, Zhang Guoli, Jiang Haiyang, Guan Hu, Cai Shangjun, Chen Jianbin, Diao Yiman, Lou Ye, Wan Ma Cai Dan (from left)
Cartier five degrees together with the Chinese film director association to help China’s film industry flourish
Cartier five degrees together with the Chinese film director association to help China’s film industry flourish
Cartier five degrees together with the Chinese film director association to help China’s film industry flourish

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China Film Director Association, the famous director Li Shaohong wear
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Cartier five degrees together with the Chinese film director association to help China’s film industry flourish
Cartier five degrees together with the Chinese film director association to help China’s film industry flourish

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Famous singer Du Lisa wore
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Cartier five degrees together with the Chinese film director association to help China’s film industry flourish

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Cartier five degrees together with the Chinese film director association to help China’s film industry flourish

Actor Guo Shu Tong wear
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Nominated dinner at the scene

Nomination dinner field field

Cartier works live show
Clè de Cartier series of replica watches uk

Cartier works live show
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Ronde Louis Cartier replica Flamingo Craft Cheetah decoration watch

Cartier master craft family added flame process, to create such as enamel-like glossy, such as micro-painted vivid Ronde Louis Cartier fake cheetah decorative watch, open up a new field of watchmaking technology.

Ronde Louis Cartier replica flame craft decorated cheetah replica watches uk, oversized watch
The flame process is inspired by the change of metal surface by heating the color of the blue steel pointer process, the operation need to master the precise furnace. A variety of colors with temperature changes one by one, blue corresponds to the highest temperature, beige corresponds to the minimum temperature. First master in the 18K gold dial engraved or “depict” nuanced cheetah fur pattern, and then the gold dial with a flame heating, the first color will emerge, then need to continue to repeat this process until the most abundant Complete color effect. This process requires not only delicate and precise way, but also can not do without chest judgment. Each color in the heating process continues to change, a little carelessness may come to naught.

Cartier master craftsmen need to always be fully absorbed, meticulous state, in order to eventually show impressive results: the overall tone deep rich, showing from beige to brown delicate changes, from leopard ears to leopard nose, every detail all lifelike cheetah Fur color and apple-shaped pointer pavilions. Cartier cheap replica watches in the bezel shop cut trapezoidal cut diamonds, so superb master of the process of shining bright light bloom.

Flame gold process, is the master of Cartier series of metal beads, enamel beads and gold and silver fine craftsmanship after another masterpiece, is the Cartier watchmaking in the process of another new breakthrough.
Ronde Louis Cartier replica
Flame gold cheetah decoration process replica watches uk, oversized watch
Cartier 430 MC workshop refined
Manual winding mechanical movement
Case: 18K white gold case, bezel set with trapezoidal cut diamonds
Size: 42 mm
Crown: Bead-shaped crown, set with a diamond
Dial: flame gold craft dial
Pointer: rhodium-plated apple-shaped steel pointer
Strap: Black alligator strap
Clasp: 18K white gold folding clasp, set trapezoidal cut diamonds
Table mirror and back: sapphire crystal, sapphire crystal case back
Case thickness: 7.24 mm
Waterproof: 3 bar (about 30 meters)

Cartier replica 2017 New Year praise

No matter how good their own “, is a year after the hardest thing to do.
Cartier replica uk New Year selection, promise you a hope for the future.
Warm gold brushing the winter dull, with the guardian of the magic of the law of the Amulette de Cartier is the gift of their best gift. Pray for next year’s own better than this year, with Juste un Clou ring, so that the real self in the new year bloom.

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New Year’s bell to open a new one-way, time flow, so that inner voice more clearly, so that the hearts of more powerful power. Cle de Cartier series on the table, so that every second of the New Year, have become more meaningful.

Cartier Cle de Cartier fake series female form, 18K rose gold, leather strap, diamonds

Cartier Cle de Cartier series male watch, 18K rose gold, leather strap
Look forward to every today a little better than yesterday, in the details of the highlights of their different. The beginning of the new year, a little change, so that every day of life, because the fine and become wonderful.

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Cartier 2017 New Year’s Day to make

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Three exquisite ladies fake watches

Women are born with beauty, on the requirements of any thing the United States, in the watch field, although many people think that this is a traditional field of men, but it is undeniable that many women are more and more interested in watches replica, Occupy half of the country today, watch home for everyone to recommend three exquisite ladies watch.

Cartier fake Blue Balloon Series WSBB0002 watch

Watches series: Blue balloon series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: stainless steel
Strap material: crocodile skin
Case diameter: 33 mm
This Cartier replica uk Blue Balloon watch with stainless steel case to create, with pink crocodile leather strap, a unique groove design, inlaid with a convex circle Synthetic spinel, pink dial with Roman numerals, sword-shaped blue steel pointer indicates the time, clear and easy to read.


Jaeger LeCoultre dating series Q3478421 watch

Watch Series: Dating Series
Movement type: quartz
Case Material: stainless steel diamond
Strap material: crocodile skin
Watch: Jaeger LeCoultre dating series cheap fake watches, elegant visual experience, watch with stainless steel diamond case to create, inlaid a total of 60 diamonds, weighing about 0.69 kt, watches fake with a blue crocodile skin Strap. Watch to show the innovative changes in the day and night, uncompromising attention to the dial, surrounded by a clear number scale, filling the purest tabulation style.


Omega Constellation replica Series watch

Watch Series: Constellation series
Movement type: quartz
Case Material: 18K rose gold – stainless steel
Strap material: 18K rose gold – stainless steel
Case diameter: 24 mm
Omega Constellation fake series with the iconic “claw” design, making it the world’s most easy to identify one of the watch, this Omega Constellation frosted watch with white mother of pearl dial, decorated with a diamond hour scale, and Covered with wear-resistant sapphire crystal. 24mm steel case with engraved Roman numerals 18K red gold bezel, with 18K red in the watch area, ladies fake watch definitely to the United States a few minutes, decorative design and more, and today we recommend this Several watches, from the brand are high-end Swiss watch brand, from the watch itself, have a distinctive feature, the recognition is also high, it is recommended that these wrist watch to wear absolutely suck eyes.

Cartier Drive de and night display fake watches

Calm manner of self-confidence, determination, leisurely charm, and then with a fine elegant watch, gestures between the atmosphere tough style, highlighting the men’s mature, stable temperament. This is the number of “Uncle” Fan children very attractive reason. In 2016, Cartier Drive de introduced a variety of extraordinary temperament, elegant men’s style of the watch. Which today to introduce to you this Cartier Drive de Cartier day and night display watch. (Model: WGNM0005)

4748 4749

Only follow the heart of the drive, in order to achieve artistic perfection. – Zhang Zhen

From “Kuling Street juvenile” to “the most beautiful check boss”, there is a male god called Zhang Zhen. He, with his unremitting efforts, the successful interpretation of one after another challenging role. 2016 年 6 months, Cartier hand in hand again Zhang Zhen, the introduction of new micro-film “hand.” Tough guy-type actor Zhang Zhen in the beautiful picture, his right to talk about his story and transformation. He wears a Cartier Drive de Cartier, he told the audience about his life sentiment, show than ever pure and powerful force.

4750 4751
The new Drive de Cartier watch, Cartier fake is dedicated to love life of men’s masculine masterpiece – subversive innovative design, interpretation of the details of the art of life perception, self-confidence and elegance, respect for the heart, and always the pursuit of a better self And the future. In the entertainment circle for many years Zhang Zhen, Li Li seems to be free and uninhibited, but calm introverted temperament; whether it is from the V, he only follow the heart of the drive, to achieve artistic perfection, now with Drive de Cartier Jieyuan, can be described as ripe .
This Drive de Cartier watch, modeling excellence, classic, show masculine and elegant style. This 18K rose gold pillow-shaped watch line smooth and beautiful, length: 40 mm, width: 41 mm. Sapphire crystal mirror, non-slip, wear-resistant. Watch as a whole gives the atmosphere, low-key luxury feel.
18K rose gold octagonal crown, to facilitate the operation of the watch. Inlaid a multi-section sapphire, watch the whole add luster. In a number of luxury low-key calm and wise.

4752 4753
Delicate and beautiful galvanized dial, eye-catching Roman digital time display, small three-pin design style of sword-shaped blue steel pointer, solemn calm, atmospheric elegance. 12 o’clock position set the date display window, 10 o’clock position set the second time zone reverse jump pointer instructions, 3:30 position set day and night display, 6 o’clock position set small seconds dial, feature-rich, more practical.
Comfortable texture of the lugs, the width of the arc and neat lines constitute a unique personality, highlight the elegance and modern style. And seamless blend of Cartier’s style, very beautiful.

4754 4755
Sapphire crystal clear back, through the table back can see the movement of the operation, do not have some fun. Watch Cartier 1904-FU MC-type workshop equipped with self-winding mechanical movement refined, accurate travel time. With a large calendar, dual time zone, fly back / reverse jump and other useful features for the view of the unique visual enjoyment.
Semi-matte brown alligator strap, 18mm 18K rose gold folding clasp. Wear comfortable, easy to fall off. And watch the dial against each other, more beautiful.

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With a tough, atmospheric, wise, low-key luxury replica watches a variety of demeanor. Plus a large calendar, dual time zone, fly back / reverse jump and other useful features, is able to highlight the men’s refined and elegant temperament of a good fake watch. Like these features, like elegant and exquisite table friends recommend to start this watch.