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Hongkong Cartire replica has gone up again

Hongkong Cartire and prices, price increases, which led to two level of market prices also rose. Blue balloon is one of the hottest table circle, a second-hand 42 mm large blue balloon price than a second-hand 214270 low (214270 of the price of more than 42 blue balloons). Tanks, by contrast, have always been a steady Cartire. Prices have never fluctuated and prices have been good. This year is Cartire tank 100th anniversary (tank is one of the oldest watches), so talk to you about tanks.
Many Cartire tanks, written in Cartire tanks, were born in 1917 and were inspired by the shape of the first World War II French FT17 light tank…… Please be assured that I will not repeat the news with you because I am too soft. So today I continue to write some useful for you, in the face of the current emergence of several Cartire tanks on the market, how can we choose?.
Many of the Cartire tanks are named after the state. Why does Cartire replica use the country? I don’t know either。

Cartire Chinese tank

Cartire flip tank

Cartire jump tank
There are several kinds of tanks on the market, mainly American tanks, French tanks, British tanks, Andy Lau tanks (tanks MC), tanks, solo and so on. Cartire is really master the design of the watch industry, the introduction of the history of many types of tanks, including Chinese tanks, tanks, tanks and so on flip jumps, but today we talk about a sale on the market, to buy about (not auction market).

First of all, the first thing I wanted to talk about was tank solo.
Although there is no cheap watch on the cheap (CASIO only cost-effective), but here I still want to use the “cost-effective” this word, because the tank solo this watch makes me feel very valuable. There are two kinds of tank solo. One is quartz, and the other is mechanical. The steel shell version of the official price of only 10 thousand and 9 quartz (20 thousand steel), steel shell mechanical movement is ETA core version only 20 thousand and 5 (band 20 thousand and 7). The official price is very low, if coupled with the exchange rate, the discount, the secondary market for these factors, the price of the cheap replica watches. You (I really very cheap as can be imagined, feel very cheap, gold shell is also cheap). In other words, with a Longines’s money, you can buy a Cartire. The Cartire brand is high grade, the tank is one of the most classic series Cartire table nice (personal aesthetic), ETA movement of law-abiding, unless the person does not love the table, from the other point of view is “there is nothing wrong with the tank solo”.

Cartire tanks solo, this watch “cost-effective” very high.
One of the reasons why I take Cartire and Rolex very well is that Cartire and Rolex basically take both men and women’s watches. A table, both men and women can wear, the design level is really high, in maintaining their own characteristics, recognition of the same time, but also to achieve the balance of men and women aesthetic, this is the master ah. In Cartire’s tanks, the lowest priced tank, solo, is the one I think is the best (brand, price, style, the best balance). Even if you buy this watch, your wife can wear it. Most of the girls in the world should like Cartire.
The tank solo case no simple clear-cut, Blue Spinel crown, very beautiful.

Next came the American tanks.
We can often see American tanks too. American tanks have a narrow shell and a long, retro looking style. American tanks were launched earlier. In 1989, American tanks were born, and the retro look was deliberately used. Here I would like to focus on the gold shell of the American tanks, because we can often see the gold shell of the United States tanks on the market. The narrow Long Island shell is striking.

Two edition American tanks
I once had a friend of my watch shop with several American tanks. He suggested that we buy it and say it was very valuable. I’m not too cold about American tanks, but I have to say, the price is really good. At that time, although the table is quartz movement (American tanks, including quartz, machinery two), but the 18 K gold watchcase is really fascinating. Looking at this long, narrow piece of gold, looking at the price, I can’t tell you anything wrong. It is because a lot of American tanks were of gold shell, plus Long Island’s case not all people are interested in, resulting in the price of gold replica watches us tanks but not high price, you don’t be scared, the actual prices are often very good. It’s not difficult to buy a gold shell Cartire tank at the price of a steel watch. You can find it only if you look for it.

Three edition American tanks

French tanks and British tanks
The French tanks was first published in 1996, the characteristics of the French tanks is the case, the chain is one of the very sharp line case. French tanks are also frequently seen on the market. Most of the French tanks I see are small, and the girls wear them well. Compared to the tank solo, the French tanks looked more fashionable. There are a lot of French tanks in two versions in the market, is a gold, gold bracelet chain is the French tanks are made of gold, the header is steel, because unlike the Rolex gold watch chain, header, with gold, gold table gold Cartire replica watches ratio is not so large, so the price is good the chain, with some gold is also good-looking; the other is the case after the drill, because the French tanks is wide, so it is suitable for the diamond case on both sides, many French tanks after drilling on the market. For the drill after the table or that sentence, as long as you like, you can buy, but should pay attention to no warranty, after-sale problems.

Steel shell, French tanks

Inter French tank
Compared with French girl with tanks, the British tanks are very pure yemen’er in the table, because the size of the British tanks are relatively large (big love girl can also wear, such as a color, and the crown watchband) and support bridge. The British tanks came out in 2012, and one of the major features was the protective bridge on the watch crown. The crown is a major feature of Cartire watches, as we all know, whether men or women, with Blue Spinel crown is a major feature of Cartire. The British tank crown was inside the watch case, protected by a bridge. Note that the 47 mm large British tanks using Cartire replica uk 1904MC (a self-produced movement through the end), 39.2 mm medium British tanks with the ETA movement. Steel chain, large size British tanks are suitable for men wear, shell pure man, size, 1904MC production movement features obvious technology. In the exchange rate, discount, and second-hand factors, the British tanks are also priced very well. There’s no pressure to buy one.
Steel shell, British tanks

Inter British tank

Andy Lau tank (tank MC)
Cartire tanks MC, table laps commonly known as “Andy Lau same tank”, because after the launch of tanks MC, Andy Lau endorsement, Andy Lau wearing this Cartire. Andy Lau with the tank MC is one of the most high-end Cartire tank, of course it is the highest one, price 50 thousand and 1 (steel). Tank MC is currently in the sale of various types of tanks in one of the highest quality, is the first production Cartire movement 1904MC, while this movement is Cartire’s core R & D department director Carole Forestier-Kasapi research and development (Athens freak card is developed by Carole Russell). This machine has a double 1904MC ring spring, 48 hours of power storage, is a stable output torque to automatic winding movement focus. At the end of treatment on the tank MC Cartire is in place, the case back all the 1904MC movement joint movement of Geneva periphery decorative stripes.

Tank MC
Tank MC is the only small three pin model sold in tanks, with radiation, twist lines, dials, work tables, and other tanks. If I had to buy one in a variety of tanks, I would definitely have bought the tank MC. You certainly have to buy old game player form their own way, although the official price of 50 thousand and 1, but the watch. The actual price is very good, but also very common.

The tank MC using Cartire production 1904MC automatic winding machine, back through the process is in place.
Cartire tanks are worth buying, because the style is very famous, but the price is good
I don’t mean empty. Talking well and without talking about money is meaningless. Not talking about money, I immediately went out to the front gate No. 23 Patek Philippe source Di to buy 5271P. The Cartire market has always been strong, especially the 42 millimeter blue balloon. Tanks, by contrast, are usually friendly. If some players have limited budgets and want to buy a big brand, you can see tanks, especially tanks, solo. Although Cartire and London solo, the price is also very cheap, but the position of tanks in the world of luxury replica watches, not London solo can compare. This watch solo tanks should be one of the lowest price of high-end watches watches famous series, the actual price is lower than its luxury watches, basically find out (with Longines has a price, no longer lower).
Finally, PS. on Cartire’s Cartire watch movement, small size (36 mm and crown models) with the general ETA2000 or 2671, the large size of the watch (men’s) is 2892. Because of the small size model using ETA2000 or 2671 movement, the two movement is relatively small in size, about 20 mm, while the power storage is written in 38 hours, but because the movement of small, power will not enough, so often hear a day will not wear the stopwatch. So we’re going to buy a big size Cartire. Large size models using ETA2892 or 1904MC own movement, the size of these two movements are about 25.6 millimeters, the power performance is better. 2892 of the quality, I believe you are also assured. I think the use of universal movement is nothing, many countries use the table is also universal movement, after all, the horse is still 7750.

How do beautiful replica watches take pictures?

Very difficult to buy a heart reading watches, as a girl speaking, the total can not help but want to spend the sun in the ticket circle in the mood. But here comes the question. How does the sun look less deliberate and the tone? Since said cheap replica watches pose homework, then we have to to those who “shook” network popularity of fashion bloggers as. Want to get not known as a senior, bloggers here to steal a few strokes.

Fashion blogger Natalie Suarez wearing cheap Cluse replica watches

A hand back posture, naturally out of watch

A watch with exquisite flower decorations
With the popularity of fashion bloggers to steal your watch sun daily also advanced not known
The hand posture watch sun drinks, tested

Natalie Suarez wears Cartire replica cheetah watches

With the popularity of fashion bloggers to steal your watch sun daily also advanced not known

The movement of the collar is also carefully handled
Although from New York, fashion blogger Natalie Suarez is actually a hybrid of China and spain. She loves rock and the wind of Bohemia, and each picture shows a romantic and primitive beauty. So even in the sun position, there is a free and unrestrained flavor. The par Cluse, the sleek Cartire replica watches, or the classic cheetah watch are within her reach. As long as the match with the brilliant Pose, instantly feel natural and attractive.

Singapore Fashion blogger Yoyo Cao

Bloggers wearing Tiffany East West Watch

Close up below the lip, the composition is very aesthetic

Self Portrait red lace dress with beautiful Paris red watch

Yoyo Cao wears MontBlanc HERITAGE SPIRIT series watches
Singapore Fashion blogger Yoyo Cao has the dual identity of “L’Officiel” magazine, Singapore edition ambassador and women’s brand Exhibit Store designer. Her style of dress is both woman and fierce, and she is also very artistic in her private photos. From the position below the lips, to enlarge the accessories of the upper part of the match, scarves, necklaces, rings, watches… The combination of each piece of jewelry appears exquisite and stylish. Inadvertently, it will arouse people’s desire to follow the study.

Fashion blogger Alice Zielasko

Use the light and shade effects of light and shadow to coat the watch with a natural filter”

Complete hand close-up, more test drying skills

The blogger wears the new Holland watch brand Rosefield
Alice Zielasko, a fashion blogger from London, is a fashion photographer in addition. Since part-time photography, her sun shine “self-cultivation” will never be low. Alice is very good at applying light and shade to photos, and in the contrast of light and shade, metallic watches will show sparkle and bright sheen. If you take a book full of art and sense, the close-up of the wrist will be more beautiful.

Holland fashion blogger Linda Tol

Blogger Linda Tol likes to wear Han Milton watches

Sweet and casual style, with watches ornament, more prominent taste

Holland fashion blogger Linda Tol
Because a pale golden hair and easy to make people remember the Holland fashion blogger Linda Tol, compared to the single tone more willing to show the wrist from the overall style on doing homework. Stylish full dress collocation, and with no clothes buried chic watch. Both stylish and tasteful signals are released, and this can be a good form of hollow.

Danish Fashion blogger Marie Myrhoj Jensen

Cute funny posture, drying table has become very cute

Danish Fashion blogger Marie Myrhoj Jensen

Marie Myrhoj Jensen wears Cluse watches
If you prefer colorful pictures, you can also jump over the blogger above and come to Danish Marie Myrhoj Jensen to find the feeling here. Vivid colors make Marie’s photos look very infectious, and she who likes this style usually chooses white or nude compact watches to reduce the impact of excessive color hitting.
Is it fun for the fashion masters to bask in their daily routine? The next time you watch the show, will be able to steal the division to move now.

Cheap replica watches that looks simple but not simple

Watch, I don’t like complicated, unless it’s to the point of collection. A watch is simple enough to give itself more room to play, but that doesn’t mean simplicity is “simple”. Good watches are never “simple”. Today, we bring you three seemingly simple but not simple watches.
Cartire replica DRIVE DE CARTIER series WGNM0007 watches

Domestic price: RMB 122000
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Watch thickness: 6.6 mm
Movement type: manual machine
Case material: 18K platinum
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Comments: Drive watch series platinum ultra-thin watches Cartire, this year unveiled at SIHH, I think this is a very magical, because last year Cartire vigorously promote the new series, and brings a needle steel watch mistress, popular, but the rich are certainly hope that one only belongs to own, and they are different Drive, so this year the premium will come. It seems that the only two hands, but it really is the first case with 18K Deluxe Edition, white gold, surface polished, shell using Drive, fashion, very low-key, but started to know it is not easy. Another difference is that the internal Cartire equipped with 430MC manual movement, fully reflects its not practical considerations as the first consideration, reflecting its luxury. In addition, the watch thickness is only 6.6 millimeters, slim posture is more elegant.
Chopin L.U.C series 161242-1001 watches

Watch the official price: USD 31710
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch thickness: 7.7 mm
Movement type: automatic machine
Case material: 18K platinum
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch review: Chopin’s L.U.C series is a series of products that embody the essence of brand advanced watchmaking. This watch was pushed out of the Basel replica watches exhibition this year, and it was also my favorite Chopin minimalist. The table looks simple, but very special. First of all, the watchcase is precious metal, polished, polished, curved bezel, full of classic watch design. Secondly, the center of the dial hand guilloche honeycomb pattern, suitable for dress collocation, watch add personalized decoration, adding geometric artistic beauty. In addition, the movement for Chopin homemade 96.01-L automatic movement, gold Mini automatic Tuo, movement polished second to none, has the Geneva imprint, movement after the observatory certification. It has to be admitted that its configuration is high. In addition, it also designed officers cover, unique, rather classical flavor. Finally, the watch is limited to 100. As a result, such pricing is clearly undervalued and belongs to an “impossible” watch.
Count ALTIPLANO series G0A42107 watches

Domestic price: RMB 140000
Watch diameter: 38 mm
Watch thickness: –
Movement type: manual machine
Case material: 18K platinum
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Comment: the count of this year’s Altiplano watch series, ushered in the 60th anniversary celebration, so the introduction of a number of cheap replica watches, which has two characteristics, one is thin, is a colorful, of course, all the precious metal is no doubt. This watch is one of them, with a diameter of 38 millimeters, and also has a large size. It has a diameter of 43 millimeters. This watch is made of 18K gold, Dress watch design is also very simple, neat, disk using blue sun pattern, cross facial disc design classic, with a slim 430P manual chain movement, limited edition of 460.
Summary: these watches all have a common characteristic, that is, the surface is simple, but the inside is very rich. As we understand, a gentleman looks neat and simple, but he is calm and reserved and has an uncommon conversation. These watches are ideal for a combination of formal attire and some of the most advanced casual wear. They convey a quality lifestyle and a taste for quality.