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The Cartier Replica Rotonde de Cartiee replica ring

We study the styling of the Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Chronograph and test its in-house movement in this review from the archives. Original photos are by OK-Photography.
At first look, $9,050, the price of the Rotonde de Cartier replica Chronograph, seems to be a lot to pay for a steel chronograph. But it’s only a little higher than the cost of a Zenith El Primero or an IWC Portugieser chronograph. And while we’re comparing: the El Primero is a half century old already, and the ETA 7750 that runs the comparable Portugieser chronograph is almost that old and isn’t an in-house movement. Cartier unveiled its 1904-CH MC, the caliber inside the Rotonde de Cartier Chronograph, in 2013. Unlike the El Primero, it has a stop-seconds function. And although it doesn’t have a running seconds hand, its dial looks well balanced thanks to elapsed-time counters at 3 and 9 o’clock.

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Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Chronograph – reclining
The 1904-CH MC is made so that the chronograph’s central elapsed-seconds hand can also be used as a running seconds hand. The two barrels maintain a constant level of drive torque independently of the winding status of their mainsprings, which ensures rate stability and precision. Our rate measurements show that the good rate continues when the chronograph is running. The results remain more or less identical after the watch has been allowed to run for 24 hours without additional winding. If the Rotonde de cheap Cartier replica Chronograph is worn regularly, it will usually have fully wound mainsprings. The rotor, which turns smoothly in a sturdy ceramic ball bearing, winds the movement in both its directions of rotation. Bidirectional winding is achieved using an alternator with an innovative pawl-click system, which accelerates the winding speed.
The stopwatch function is controlled via a column wheel with vertical coupling. You can view the column wheel by peering through the sapphire window in the caseback and then looking even more deeply into the movement through an aperture in the upper bridge. The chronograph’s functions are triggered using two elongated push-pieces. Their large size makes the stopwatch easy to operate and the column wheel ensures that all switching sequences run smoothly.
The zero-return function is blocked while the chronograph is running. Cartier achieved this by installing a linear heart lever inside the movement. The lever ensures the simultaneous return of all elapsed-time hands to their zero positions independently of the pressure exerted on the push-piece. The vertical coupling ensures that the chronograph starts and stops precisely. But despite the high technology, Cartier hasn’t ignored aesthetic finesse. In addition to Geneva waves and satin finishing, circular graining embellishes even the hidden sides of various components. The fine adjustment system for the balance is an eye-catcher, too: the C-shaped regulator with eccentric screw not only facilitates ultra-precise setting; it also underscores the brand’s identity.

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Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Chronograph – back
Roman numerals on the dial and “Cartier” in signature type above the two subdials emphasize the brand’s identity, too. (It’s rather challenging to neatly print the brand’s name on the silver-plated and guilloché-embellished brass background.) A sunray pattern adorns the main dial, while concentric circles decorate the subdials. The minutes are counted along a railway-style circle using Arabic numerals at five-minute intervals; the hours are shown by Roman numerals and index strokes.
These details contrast with the satin-finished flange around the dial’s perimeter, where elapsed seconds are marked according to the 4-Hz rhythm of the caliber. Seconds are shown by a slim, needle-like hand, which complements the two Breguet-style hour and minutes hands. The result is a harmonious set of blued stainless-steel hands, which are easy to read by day. The blued hands match the pointed blue spinel cabochon atop the winding crown, another characteristic of Cartier cheap replica watches. The crown is easy to grasp thanks to its shape and the beading around its edge. Both features enhance the sporty-elegance of the case. The large push-pieces and screw-fastened strap lugs look sporty, while elegance is seen in the conical lines of the middle part of the case, which tapers toward the back, where the sapphire window is affixed via screws. The case is water-resistant, but unfortunately only to 30 meters.

Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Chronograph – front
The watch has a high-quality leather strap that inserts without stops from both sides into a folding clasp that pivots on one side only. This lets the wearer customize the fit of the strap, which has a certain lightness and is comfortable to wear. It takes a bit of force to open the clasp, which responds to a strong tug on its bow, which is shaped like the “C” in the “Cartier” name.
Strap and clasp: Alligator strap with folding clasp that pivots on one side only
Rate results (deviations in seconds per 24 hours, fully wound/after 24 hours)
Dial up +7.6/+4.6
Dial down +7.8/+2.7
Crown up -2.0/+0.8
Crown down +5.3/+5.7
Crown left -1.7/0.0
Greatest deviation of rate 9.8/5.7
Average deviation +3.4/+2.8
Average amplitude:
Flat positions 316°/296°
Hanging positions 264°/253°
Dimensions: Diameter = 40 mm, height = 12.2 mm, weight = 82 grams
Variations: With rose-gold case ($23,700); with white-gold case ($25,400, limited edition of 300 pieces)
Price: $9,050

Three moon phase replica watches uk recommended

Moon phase display window, like a replica watches uk on the dial to open a skylight, a small window within the large universe, complex moon phase change at a glance. The same moon phase, different brands have their different design interpretation, from color to anthropomorphic, with their own characteristics. Moon phase shows the beauty of the watch itself is designed in addition to the moon, but also the moon disc with the moon sunny changes in the change. The following is the watch family editor recommended three moon phase watch.

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Cartier DRIVE DE CARTIER series DRIVE DE CARTIER moon phase watch

Watch Price: USD 21100
Watch diameter: 40 * 41 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Watch Comments: Cartier Drive de Cartier series watch with 40 * 41 mm pillow 18K rose gold case, white twisted carved dial, 6 o’clock position set moon phase display. This complex function accurately reproduces the time of the new moon, the last month, the full moon, and the last moon. It has an “astronomical” level of precision, every 125 years to be calibrated once. Dial center with a sword-shaped blue steel pointer, the mirror slightly raised for the dial to provide comprehensive protection. This Drive de cheap Cartier replica series moon phase watch carrying Cartier replica 1904-LU MC workshop refined self-winding movement, visible through the transparent table back. This section of the watch, whether dress or casual wear, can easily control the distribution of elegant charm.
Breguet Classic Series 7337BA / 1E / 9V6 watch

Domestic price: 299,600 RMB
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Watch thickness: 9.9 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K gold
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch reviews: Breguet classic classic series of moon phase watch set the moon phase device set in the time display disc, located at 12 o’clock above the location, eccentric layout is different, Xingyue accompanied by beautiful and eye-catching picture. This watch with 39 mm 18K gold case, with a hand-engraved pattern of silver-plated gold dial, dial on the display when the disk 5 o’clock position with a small seconds, when the display 10 and 2 pm position With a week display window and a date display window. Watch equipped with Cal.502.3 QSE1 self-winding movement, the movement consists of 236 parts, can provide about 45 hours of power storage.
Glashüty original senator series 1-36-02-01-02-30 watch

Watch price: new (temporarily)
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Watch thickness: 12.8 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Waterproof depth: 50 meters
Watch the watch: Glashütte original members of this section of the excellent watch series of new perpetual calendar watch with 42 mm stainless steel case, with ivory white dial, dial decorated with black lines and Roman numerals time scale, and black track scale. Dial the middle of the blue steel pointer, the second hand with a brand logo. Watch the 2 o’clock position and 10 o’clock position respectively with the month display window and the week display window, 4 o’clock position and 8 o’clock position respectively with date and moon phase display window. Watch with Cal. 36-02 self-winding movement, with 100 hours power storage. This section of the stainless steel cheap replica watches with a black crocodile leather strap, and another with a brown crocodile leather strap red gold watch available.
Summary: Cartier Drive de Cartier series moon phase watch pillow case different, Breguet classic series moon phase watch gold case noble luxury, Glashütte original members of the excellent series of moon phase watch in addition to the moon phase complex Function, but also with a complex calendar features. Three watches in the moon phase display and the overall design are unique.

2017 “Cartier replica female entrepreneurs Award”

2017 “Cartier replica watches Spirit Perpetual Female Entrepreneur Award” finals and awards ceremony held in the Victoria Theater and Concert Hall in Singapore. The theme of the award is to support women’s entrepreneurship, to pay tribute to women’s rights and to invite women’s values ​​and values ​​to women. A passionate speaker and a participant gathered together.
The finalists and awards ceremony was hosted by Ms. Sandi Toksvig, a well-known British host who was known for promoting gender equality in the political and social fields. The Singapore-based actor, who is also committed to the women’s rights movement, The host, Ms. Eunice Olsen, made a speech and laid the tone for the present awards ceremony. At the ensuing symposium, Mr. Cyrille Vigneron, President and CEO of Cartier replica uk, and Mr. llian Mihov, Dean of the International Business School (INSEAD), have experienced their own experiences in corporate management and entrepreneurial planning with female entrepreneurs, Ms. Privahini Bradoo and Rosaline Chow Koo Ms. had an exchange discussion.

Mr. Cyrille Vigneron and Mr. Ilian Mihov took a photo with six winners
Mr. Cyrille Vigneron and Mr. Ilian Mihov jointly announced the list of winners of the 2017 “Cartier Spirits Female Entrepreneur of the Year” selected by the International Independent Jury. Six outstanding women from 1,900 contestants in more than 120 countries Stand out, get the final award.
In addition to providing the six final winners with a one-year INSEAD Executive Program (ISEP) course offered by the British International Business School and arranging tutors based on their business projects, they provide more targeted guidance and assistance In addition, since this year, “Cartier cheap replcia watches Spirits Women Entrepreneur Award” will be significantly increased to $ 100,000 in prize money, in recognition of the winner in the field of creative innovation made outstanding contributions.
Cyrille Vigneron, President and CEO of Cartier Global, appealed to the audience to applaud the winner: “Since 2006, we have created the ‘Cartier replica Spiritual Entrepreneurship Award’ in 2006, and we have witnessed more than 46 countries in more than a decade and created more than 5,000 180 entrepreneurship in the workplace, and played a transformative role in their entrepreneurial development. ‘Cartier Spirits Women Entrepreneur Award’ gives winners economic resources, professional guidance and society I am very pleased and proud to be able to carry forward this award to support these outstanding women to become leaders in the promotion of change, so that they can become a leader in the promotion of change, so that their ideas and dreams can come true, both down to business, but also look at the stars to dream. ”
Founded in 2006, the “cheap Cartier replica Spirits Women Entrepreneur Award” for the global operation by the women, for the purpose of profit, not limited to nationality and industry, to create a strong social influence of the enterprise. Since its inception, 12,900 female entrepreneurs from around the world have been actively involved in the fierce competition.
List of winners and projects of the “Cartier replica watches uk Spirit Perpetual Female Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2017

Latin America winners
Candice Pascoal, Brazil
Project: Brazil, which lacks a platform for the public to build a platform for creators and inputs

North American winners
Katie Anderson, USA
Company: Save Water & Co
Project: Use of water ecology principles to use data analysis to improve business processes to address the high level of waste of water in business and household water

European winners
Ciara Donlon, Ireland
Company: Theya Healthcare
Project: for the ladies to provide a kind of bamboo as the material of the new underwear, more absorbent than traditional materials and antibacterial.

Sub-Saharan Africa winners
Salma Abdulai, Ghana
Company: Unique Quality Product
Project: Cooperate with female farmers to produce and nurture important crops in Africa “Fortune”. In the land due to overuse and degradation of the status quo, to create a sustainable development of the way, and the establishment of a standardized land management system, in order to achieve sustainable development of crops, feed and nutrition.

Middle East and North Africa winners
Sara-Kristina Hannig Nour, Egypt
Company: Sara and Lara’s Baskets
Project: Direct delivery of organic food to consumers in major cities in Egypt to address the scarcity of organic food supply chains in Egypt.

Asia Pacific winners
Trupti Jain, India
Project: to address floods and droughts and other natural disasters to disrupt the agricultural environment. The project provides handmade water management solutions to help small agricultural owners do their own need to worry about extreme weather conditions, independent completion of underground rainwater filtration and storage operations.