Cartier DRIVE Replica moon watch

If you want to have a monthly table, but it is amazing high price raspberry. Coveted high-end luxury brand cheap replica watches and clocks, the same bag in the shy words. Today, the watch home for you to find a can solve the above two problems of the watch. In the Beijing International Trade Cartier store, we have the honor to see this Cartier moon phase of the true capacity of the replica watches. Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, do you want to come to a moon phase table? (Model: WSNM0008)

This Cartier moon table from the DRIVE DE CARTIER series, square case with a radian design, dial design is also very Cartier replica style. Rome digital time scale with blue steel needle, dial the central “Cartier” words logo. Moon phase disk set at 6 o’clock position, under the blue sky dotted with these stars, you can master the moon through the moon to clear the changes.
41 mm case diameter, case material selection more practical stainless steel material. Crown with multi-faceted cutting shape design, inlaid with a synthetic spinel.

Strap selection black crocodile leather strap. The use of a sense of relative to other materials more comfortable skin.

Clasp use stainless steel folding buckle type, daily life can effectively reduce the clasp and leather strap friction between the wear and tear caused by the situation.
Back through the back of the design, through the sapphire crystal glass mirror, you can see the movement in the charm of running.

Summary: For easily dozens of millions of senior complex phase table, the Cartier moon phase table both both the moon phase function, but also in the pricing level. Domestic price of 59,500 yuan, in the Beijing International Trade Cartier replica watches direct retail stores will be able to find its shadow. Interested friends to shop to consult it.

Cartier Replica CLÉ DE CARTIER series of platinum diamond watch

Since the birth of the CLÉ DE CARTIER series, with a distinctive crown and reliable inner core left a deep impression. Soon, watch enthusiasts on its attention to catch up with the brand classic blue balloon series. The name of this series of watches from the unique design of the crown, inspired by a long time ago with the key on the chain pocket watch. In 2017, Cartier Replica in the Basel Watch and Jewelery Fair for this magic series added several new members, in addition to the style is more in line with the aesthetic of modern people, its diverse size design for different needs of the wearer to provide choice The Among them, there is today for everyone to introduce this Cartier CLÉ DE CARTIER series of platinum diamond watch, the following, take a look at:

From different angles to show the characteristics of the brand
From the rectangular case as the representative of the Tank series to the round case as the representative of the Ballon Bleu series, and even irregular shape of the Crash series design, each can reflect the brand of progress and innovation, from different angles presented Cartier Exclusive charm. This Clé de Cartier series of platinum diamond watch is also the case, the unique key crown shape, coupled with diamonds and platinum contrast, showing a great visual experience, the classic shape to attract the attention of watch enthusiasts.

35 mm 18K white gold diamond case, high and shiny, polished after grinding to show the jade-like fine full of texture. One piece of platinum-shaped design, perfect combination with the case, very beautiful.
Watch the other side, for the platinum “key” crown, which inlaid with a deep sapphire, to show the unique sense of brand awareness. When you pull out the crown when the operation, as if in the rotation of a key in the barrel for the strength, or even hear the sound of rotation, do not have some fun.

Classic white dial, which marked on the use of blue Roman numerals designed, and the central sword-shaped blue steel hour and minute hands and blue steel second hand echoes, so that the instructions time is obvious and intuitive, very convenient. The central decorated with the sun twisted carved Glyph, below the calendar display window, for the meter to add practicality.

Equipped with Cartier 1847 MC workshop refined movement, “1847” on behalf of the brand founded in the year, showing a long history of the brand, highlight the movement for the importance of the brand. Back cover of the back through the design, you can luxury replica  watches the movement of the appearance, full of mechanical sense.

Pink crocodile leather strap, elegant and gorgeous. With a high degree of recognition of the platinum folding clasp, making the wear and removal of watches are very convenient.

Cartier CLÉ DE CARTIER series of platinum diamond watch
Summary: Compared to men’s watches, ladies time to pay more attention to external design and luxury to the background of their own unique beauty and taste. This Cartier CLÉ DE CARTIER series of platinum diamond watch is the case, 18K white gold diamond case with elegant pink crocodile leather strap like echo, it is enchanted. If you like this cheap replica watches, may wish to enter the brand store, the actual experience about it Watch price: RMB 235,000